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Rodent Deodorant

Deodorant tube in shape of rat, gerbil etc - with fake hair for added realism
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Roll-on deodorants are all the same. Rodent deodorant would be a strikingly different product, cashing in on the 'back to nature' market while appealing to teenagers and rebels of all ages. The whole thing would be shaped like a rodent - the roller ball at the creature's nose end, with the body of the deodorant covered in sleek fake fur. A variety of rodents could be represented, including a rat, mouse, gerbil, and hamster. With the advertising slogan: "Smell a rat? Use Rodent Deodorant!"
pk_munroe, May 29 2007

thursday night ideas http://www.thursdaynightideas.com
[pk_munroe, May 29 2007]


       Now if this were a product that I could use to make my mouse smell better then I would toss you a bun.
jhomrighaus, May 29 2007

       Disappointed - I thought this was deodorant for pet rodents, or possibly a deodorant that smelled like rodents.
nuclear hobo, May 30 2007

       You could call it "Deodorodent"
Murdoch, Jun 01 2007

       What is it that [Jutta] sometimes says? Yay, things that look like other things, or something.
theleopard, Jun 01 2007

       I've just built a machine that produces products based on a similar rhyme-based formula.
Here's the ticker-tape output...
Cat Hat: A hat that looks like a cat.....Dog Fog: A dog-shaped mist of some kind.....Mouse House: A fully sized suburban detached house, in the shape of a mouse.....Sparrow Barrow: A tiny wheelbarrow in the form of a seed-eating bird.....Pigeon Fission: A thermonuclear reaction whose particulate emissions form structural elements closely resembling those of the common rock dove...Horse Force: A TV show where a team of escaped horses save the day....Prawn Porn....Hamster Dumpster....Rat Bat...Baboon Balloon....Squid Madrid.....Pekinese Cheese....Flea Bree....etc
zen_tom, Jun 01 2007

       All of those should be posted [Tom]. You're on to a winner mate!
theleopard, Jun 01 2007

       if you it made you smell like a certain type of shrub might it be called a Derododendrumant? - well ?
xenzag, Jun 01 2007

       Great! and for all those rootin' tootin' steer-ridin' cowboys, a deoderodeodent.
zen_tom, Jun 01 2007

       If I could give you two [+], I would. With [Murdoch]'s suggestion of "Deodorodent," this is a big winner in my book.
awesomest, Jun 01 2007

       Thanks to everyone for the feedback. It's fantastic to get so many witty comments, and so fast! I take zen tom's point that RD just sounds like a tired product of random word-association football (some truth in that), but there is more to it, honest. Pigeon fission - Mouse house - while fun, alliteration alone doesn't do it... Rodent Deodorant links the underworld of rot and grime with its opposite, the modern demand for purity and freshness. Hence the appeal to rebels and teenagers. REALLY like nuclear hobo's idea of a deodorant for animals. That has to be a winner - some pets are particularly whiffy, and since they can't wash, they need chemicals. Good one.
pk_munroe, Jun 01 2007

       Deodorotorooter for when your plumbing is backed up and smells bad?
csea, Jun 02 2007

       what [Lt_Frank] said, cute website, but I think teenagers would like the rollerball at the OTHER end of the rodent.
xandram, Jun 02 2007

       I want explanations for "Aarkvark cardshark" and "budgie cludgie", please.
Murdoch, Jun 04 2007

       ...and Squid Madrid. Please.
methinksnot, Jun 04 2007


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