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Pre-measured deodorant

Paper wipe-on deodorant disks
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How about treating a disk of paper with a very thin layer of deodorant? Just grab a sheet of deodorant and wipe it on! Similar to the cream cheese rings idea, each one would be a single serving. You could share solid or roll-on style deodorant this way without any gross-out factor. You could take just enough sheets with you for a trip. You'll never use too much or too little. No aerosol spray cans to pollute the environment. Just convenient little disks of paper. They could be packaged individually like handy-wipes, or they could be sold in larger quantities with wax paper backing so they won't stick together in the package.
Loonie O'Toole, Jul 29 2002

Loo deodorant http://www.nitro-pa...etails.asp?SKU=2756
Baked - for toilets anyway [madradish, Jul 29 2002]

You don't need deodorant (apparently) http://www.nomoreodor.com/
Better yet - eliminate body odor altogether! [madradish, Jul 29 2002]

Half Baked http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Ho_20Bag
Part of degroof's Ho Bag. [DrCurry, Jul 29 2002]

And baked http://www.uk.ciao....oducts/5114450.html
Can't find a product site but they're reviewed here. [dare99, Jul 29 2002]

5 day pads http://www.drugstor...xp1=day&trxp2=75729
4.99 for 75 Kosher pads [thumbwax, Jul 29 2002]


       Hi Loonie, welcome to the halfbakery. I find that the amount of deoderant I use can vary depending on conditions, also I think that paper deodorant disks would end up getting squished at the bottom of my bag and becoming quite unpleasant. I'd also be surprised if this doesn't already exist.
madradish, Jul 29 2002

       Welcome! And good job reading the Top 10 list. Shows some initiative. Hmm. Methinks that, per [madra]'s recommendation, you'd need stickynote holder-like contraptions. You get a netral vote until you give more reasons why these [more expensive] discs are preferable. Thanks,
watermelancholy, Jul 29 2002

       Wouldn't you get deodorant all over your fingers?
waugsqueke, Jul 29 2002


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