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New Deodorants

Why smell like musk when you can smell like fresh muffins?
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It is time for some new deoderant scents. While smelling like a cool breeze or "active" is wonderful, there needs to be more smells. I propse the following: Coffee Gasoline, Tar, Fireplace, Swimming pool, Copier ink, Burrito, Banana bread, New car

These new aromas would help people express themselves and might just arose certain surprise reactions. Like, if you were wearing a "Natural Gas" deoderant, people around you might think the stove is broken.

gilligan, Feb 09 2001

New Deodorants http://www.fashion-...er/demeterhome.html
Baked, at least in perfume terms [spinglespangle, Feb 01 2006]


       [sp: deodorant]
jutta, Feb 09 2001

       Sea salt; ozone; asphalt; fishery; sawdust; baseball
Wes, Feb 09 2001

       Cardamom or cinnamon.
sirrobin, Feb 09 2001

       How about woodfire? Anyway, I think a small object with a switchable scent would be interesting. Equip it with a fan, and you have a scent gun. I'm sure there are possibilities.
badoingdoing, Feb 09 2001

       I'm successfully sporting one that is a lichen extract. Kids think I'm not drunk.
reensure, Feb 11 2001

       I would vote for Vanilla. However, I'm not certain that I want random strangers to associate me with hunger. I want to be desired and all but...
RobGraham, Feb 11 2001

       How about feu'Orange for that fresh smell of car, or kipper and herring plus just a point of note for you...   

       Natural gas does not smell - they have to odorise it; hey but that might be your answer.
kael, Jul 09 2003

       great idea, then I could stop carrying around that skunk in the boot of my car for that i bring out when I want to get rid of some of my acquaintances....
rumbletumbler, Oct 18 2003


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