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Self-Mistifing Deodorant

Every two days it squirts mist on you deoderant to keep it fresh!
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Ever had a problem when your deoderent got all dry and crumbles? Than this is for YOU! It keeps your deoderent fresh and ready to use all the time! Just pop on the reusable cap on to your favorite deoderant, add water into the patented pocket, and NEVER WORRY about it again!
Zorantu, Feb 27 2007

Self-serving crossposting misting-based idea... Mouth_20Mister
...just in case you mist it the first time [normzone, Feb 28 2007]


       This is wrong in so many ways...
DrCurry, Feb 27 2007

       [-] De odor ant.
nuclear hobo, Feb 27 2007

       How does this compare with simple reapplication, in terms of cost and hassle?
Texticle, Feb 27 2007

       Perhaps. Just perhaps. Your deodorant is lasting significantly longer than average. Perhaps through inadequate use.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 27 2007

       I am mistified.
methinksnot, Feb 27 2007

       Roll-on', roll-on', roll-on'
Though your pits are swollen
Keep rehydrated roll-on'


       <understanding dawns> Ahh, so it's about moistening the deodorant dispenser, not the underarm area.
Texticle, Feb 27 2007

       I use a non-crumbling type of deodorant, so I'm not sure what the problem is. But a cotton ball under the cap could be dampened pretty easily.   

       Remember, guys, the deodorant goes on after the shower, not instead.
baconbrain, Feb 28 2007


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