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Flip-flopping Pavlovian Populace

A long-term project for an evil genius.
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Step 1: Use Pavlovian techniques to train every new born child to smile when they see a sad face and look sad when they see a happy face.

Step 2: In 50 years, go to your nearest city centre and observe.

calum, Oct 11 2002

Re: "Pavolvian" http://www.google.c...0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
One of these people must know... [calum, Oct 11 2002]

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Pavlova. Yummy. [Jinbish, Oct 11 2002]

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       Had a few too many beer cans today?
blissmiss, Oct 11 2002

       "Step 1" is Baked. Accountants.
8th of 7, Oct 11 2002

       Calum - what the..?!   

       What do you think will happen? That people will be constantly switching from happy to sad faces because they will have to keep reacting to the faces of the people who are reacting them ad infinitum? Erk, that's scary. A planet populated by humans with over-developed facial muscles. And wouldn't it be just the teensiest bit offputting during sex.....?
salachair, Oct 11 2002

       If only this idea described a population addicted to throwing meringue desserts, then I'd vote for it.
Jinbish, Oct 11 2002

       salachair, you mean you have your eyes open during sex?
General Washington, Oct 11 2002

       Fifty years is a long time to wait, but probably well worth it! Sort of like lighting a really long fuse and then running away; someone always forgets to look to see what time the fuse was lit.
reensure, Oct 12 2002

       You would end up with the next generation all looking like John Cretien   


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