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Emotional Deactivator

Attain mental equilibrium at the push of a button.
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How many car crashes are actually kamikaze runs? We will never know... Imagine a pocket-sized device that induces an emotionless state of mind - if you think carefully, you may be able to recall this experience. One cares about nothing in particular, as if sedated, but still retains full use of mental and physical faculties.
dsm, Feb 16 2001


centauri, Feb 16 2001

       It's simple, zippyanna: You wear the device on the side of oyur head and when emotional brain impulses pass the coils, they're simply scanned off.
centauri, Feb 17 2001

       I believe this is baked, at least in a fictional sense. Wasn't there a Star Trek/Next Generation film that featured Data's "emotion chip"? He could turn it off as necessary, I remember ... a helpful strategy, when one is about to battle The Borg.   

       Not that I'm really a seasoned Trekkie. (Excuse me: 'Trekker.')
1percent, Apr 02 2001

       'Wouldn't it be neat if'.   

       What kind of seasoning does one use on a trekkie, anyway?
StarChaser, Apr 03 2001

       I prefer to to just rub them with oil and garlic then roast them using the pan drippings as the basis for a rosemary and port cream sauce.

No, wait a minute... sorry, that's lamb. I guess I meet too many sheep-like trekkiers.
sirrobin, Apr 03 2001


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