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Flip Vision for Convicts

Flip their vision, less likely to escape.
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I believe this was an experiment done by NASA to determine the effects of weightlessness on astronauts but has an interesting effect. Goggles were worn by people that flipped their vision upside down. After a month of this upside down vision their brains readusted and it was "normal" for them.

How about using this as a punishment and a way to prevent escape in convicts. Not all of them, but the most dangerous. Force them to wear these goggles for a month so their vision flips. If they try to escape they will need to wear their goggles so finding them in populated areas will be easier. Also, the goggles can be tracked by GPS. Aso as punishment, you can take their goggles away for a day or something. I suppose it would be like walking upside down for them.

The only thing i think wrong with this is that prisons are for rehabilitation, but this device/technique would probably drive a man crazy to kill someone if he hasn't already.

twitch, Sep 14 2007

Some Preliminary Experiments On Vision Without Inversion Of The Retinal Image http://books.google...Xq1Ib4wXP2aEUXa0Kig
George Stratton first did this experiment in the 1890's [krelnik, Sep 14 2007]

Flip Vision for Volunteers http://news.bbc.co....chester/6896597.stm
I like this one a lot better. [jutta, Sep 15 2007]

Backgrounder. http://www.madsci.o...858984531.Ns.r.html
[jutta, Sep 15 2007]

Living in a World Transformed http://www.blackbur...m/liinwotrpean.html
Chronicling the author's "experiences wearing up-down reversing prisms attached to a football helmet while living in a Greek coastal village." [jutta, Sep 15 2007]


       That is a really interesting idea. Removing it as punishment seems a bit cruel, but as a method of restraint, it seems harmless enough.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 14 2007

       Well, it's putting the "unusual" back into "cruel and unusual", that's for sure. Some nits:   

       "If they try to escape they will need to wear their goggles so finding them in populated areas will be easier."
Or they could take them off and wait for their brains to readjust, which will take just a couple of hours. (Back to the habit of a lifetime is easier than away from it.)

       "Also, the goggles can be tracked by GPS."
I know what you mean, but GPS can no more track you than your television can film you.
jutta, Sep 15 2007

       I read this as "Flip vision for contacts"
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 15 2007

       Hmmm.. if it really reverts after only a couple hours, this is pretty useless. Although you could still remotely deactivate the goggles to end a riot or something.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 15 2007

       If it DOES revert back in a couple of yours, that's all you need. A couple of hours of a convict stumbling around and running into trees and probably drowning himself because he's swimming upside down. or something.
twitch, Sep 18 2007


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