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Flotsam Flipper

Name changed from "Pooper Plough" - Cowcatcher attachment for lawn mowers.
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Simple rigid plastic attachment clips on to the front of common types of lawn mowers.

Before mowing, no need to spend time clearing yard of kid's toys, clothes pegs, macadamia nuts, dog poo, plastic tea sets, assorted balls and teenage daughter's boyfriend who forgot to pay sufficient respect to her father the previous evening. Just power up and mow in straight lines, yard flotsam is pushed aside safely.

Large heavy objects that could not be moved would tend to be people or large lazy dogs - this is where the pointy bit at the device's leading edge comes in handy.

ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 08 2004


       I'd vote twice for this if the title were better. If I could, I mean.
bristolz, Jun 08 2004

       [bristolz] I'm not a fan of radical idea editing and name changes - better to think the idea and title thoroughly first....however, I have taken your advice and given a less scatological title.   

       Apologies to bakers who have accessed this title thinking its a completely new idea.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 08 2004

       Don't farmers use something like this so they don't hurt Bambi? I have heard about it but can't find a link, whatsitcalled?
kbecker, Jun 08 2004

       As someone who has actually mowed a lawn I can tell you this is a stupid idea, something only a lazy person would think of. Think for a minute, anything you just shove aside is still there next time by, or schmooshed under the wheels, or stinking up the front edge of your lawn mower! A smart person would just pick it all up and throw the smelly stuff away first, then mow lickety split clean as a whistle. I think there's a saying somewhere about people who step in shit....
igirl, Jun 23 2004

       [igirl] You're not living up to your promise to be less obnoxious. I venture to suggest I've mowed more lawns and tidied more yards and gardens than you've had hot dinners. I still do three a week - my own, my aged and invalid neighbours' and another neighbours' who is a new arrival in my country and hasn't yet been able to get up to speed with the demands of garden maintenance (I do that one in exchange for the best fish curry on the planet :0;) )
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 23 2004

       What are your emoticons up to [Consul]??
Lacus Trasumenus, Jun 23 2004

       Sunburnt nose, tongue out, double chin from too much ghee in the fish curry!!
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 23 2004

       You are zany.
Lacus Trasumenus, Jun 23 2004

       Oh goodness yes, I am a real card [Una-Lacus]
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 23 2004

       not one bit a bitty, foolish boy. I just like to use naughty words. Besides, he started it--called me a troll. I still think the idea is lame, but yeah he's just trying to be clever/witty whatever, and who am I to throw stones at that!!!!!
igirl, Jun 24 2004

       Great plan! What does this device look like? A v-shaped comb to comb the poo/toys out of the grass? A snowplough device will merely dig down into the soil. Maybe an adapted grass rake or the rotating bit from a scarifier.
wagster, Oct 08 2004


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