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Microwave Restaurant

Restaurant that cooks only with microwaves
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The idea is to have a restaurant that cooks all of it's food with microwaves, it would have meals like hot pockets, burritos, popcorn, hot dogs, TV dinners and some others.

Although people usually don't like microwave food, the restaurant would have the advantage of serving the food for cheap and quickly.

appdirect, Jul 07 2014


       This could be a vending machine. Wait - it already is.
bungston, Jul 07 2014

       Any 24-hour motorway petrol station with those plastic microwave Burgers & Panini's.
Skewed, Jul 07 2014

       I bet if you toured back of the counter of fifty chains or so, you would find some that are 90% microwave a bag of frozen whatever. Soup, stews, chili, pasta all survive freeze and microwave thaw fairly well. Add a sprig of parsley and your uncle is Bob.   

       and of course //meals like hot pockets, burritos, popcorn, hot dogs, TV dinners and some others.//
popbottle, Jul 08 2014

       Yeah, what ^ they all said. Baked or m'waved!
xandram, Jul 08 2014

       On the other hand, some real food actually can be microwaved. Bacon, eggs, potatoes. I've even seen chicken done successfully. To a large extent, it's controlling the heat and the moisture.
MechE, Jul 08 2014

       My uncle prefers to be called Robert.
RayfordSteele, Jul 08 2014


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