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Frank Zapper

For when you feel like a Burnt Weeny Sandwich
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A cooking appliance (that looks just like a Telefunken U47) that has two probes that are inserted into either end of a hot dog, and cooks it with a massive jolt of electricity.
ytk, Feb 17 2011

zzzzzt. http://www.physics....er/Pages/64.24.html
[MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2011]

We had one of these when I was a kid! http://www.neighbor...tchen/misc/35kc.htm
[xandram, Feb 18 2011]


       Just yes.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2011

       I Googled resistive heating and...<link>
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2011

       But they only used 120V, hardly a //massive jolt//. Must be in some third-world country where the electricity grid is only half running.
pocmloc, Feb 17 2011


       I wonder if there's a category for culture:food: cooking:lightning ?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2011

       There is, it simply hasn’t been added to the ’Bakery list yet.
pocmloc, Feb 17 2011

       [MaxwellBuchanan] A good link, with a great last line: "This will in no way make it unsafe to eat the hot dog. You should feel free to invite a student to enjoy it"
mouseposture, Feb 17 2011

       [marked-for-deleshun] pun. [+]
daseva, Feb 18 2011

       Ah, but what a pun. [+]
Custardguts, Feb 18 2011

       One of the spoof ads in the Kenny Everett Video Show was for "electric meat - just plug it in!".
spidermother, Feb 18 2011

       Just what I need for my Utility Muffin Research Kitchen.^(TM)
sqeaketh the wheel, Feb 18 2011

       s'pretty good pun, and answers the question of why it hurts when he pee-ee-ees.   

       Not only a good pun, but a reasonably effecient means of cooking. All the power is turned to heat inside the item to be cooked, so very little is wasted.   

       The voltage used to cook would have to be adjusted for the individual item. A lightning bolt would simply burn a narrow track through. A lower voltage (therefore lower current) will cook more slowly and evenly.   

       Q: If an electrode were inserted in either end of Jimmy Swagger, what voltage would be required to achieve full cooking in 30 minutes?
Twizz, Feb 18 2011

       What we need now is a Captain's Bee-fart idea. {+}
xenzag, Feb 18 2011

       I'm sure we've all seen how to make a battery out of a lemon.   

       The question remains, though: how many lemons does it take to cook a hot dog?
Wrongfellow, Feb 18 2011

       //A lightning bolt would simply burn a narrow track through.//   

       I imagine the dogs will occasionally explode in a scalding mess. So face shields and heavy aprons will be necessary attire.
ldischler, Feb 18 2011

       My aunt had an electric hotdog cooker like in [xandram]'s link. That was in the late '60s, and it looked a bit more modern. I don't recall it cooking well or being useful (same goes for my aunt).   

       A Telefunken U47, for the rest of us ignorants, is a large microphone with a metal body that would nicely encapsulate a hot dog, and would contain the flying shards after the dog is vaporised.   

       ".. And the hot dog blew up later on the next day .. "
baconbrain, Feb 18 2011

       Two sides of that hot dog will act as a capacitor, and it will store the energy, and give a strong jolt back to the person eating it.
VJW, Feb 18 2011

       [VJW] No, no it won't.
joneseatworld, Feb 18 2011


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