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Freeze 'N Serve

new name for how the food gets from the freezer to the service hatch .
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I've been wondering how this could be done, haven't found it on the Hb yet, but this is possible with all existing technology. This would also be wonderful way to accommodate people on Lean Cuisine type diets. Meals could be pre-prepared by the family or bought whole.

Food is stored in a freezer built into the wall of your kitchen. The trays of ready-meals are stacked on a spiral carousel. You have planned every daily selection of meals for the week and input the menus into the computer attached to the front of the freezer door.

When a family member chooses the noon meal the carousel turns and meets the tray which receives it-(perhaps by wheels that grab the tray)and delivers it to the back door of the microwave. The settings on the microwave are also preset in the computer. It begins cooking.

All you see from your side of the kitchen wall is a computer display and a hatch for the microwave. So at about 3-5 minutes after you have made your selection you have a hot meal.

I suppose a typical bottle dispenser could be installed under the microwave for cold drinks.

dentworth, Jun 12 2009


       Oh no, no no. You're confusing "ready meal" with "meal". The reason they add the word "meals" to "ready meals" is the same reason they add the word "science" to "social science".
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 12 2009

       Or the reason why "cheese whiz" has the phrase "dairy food spread" on it. I guess to prevent you from using it to seal cracks.
WcW, Jun 12 2009

       It needs hot beverage capability and voice activation, so that I can order "Tea, Earl Grey, hot."
tatterdemalion, Jun 12 2009

       I have dire predictions that no one in the future of the USA will know how to cook. This appliance will at least make healthy meals available, quick and easy.   

       I suppose I should add that the meals can either be pre-prepared by the family or bought whole like those nasty lean cuisine. I personally hate the things.
dentworth, Jun 12 2009

       I've been thinking about a name change because a Smart Kitchen would probably have voice recognition, and more computerized appliances. So how about FoodMaid or Freeze n'Serve
dentworth, Jun 17 2009

       //dire predictions that no one in the future of the USA will know how to cook.// If that was supposed to be a prediction, it should have been said quite some time ago.
lurch, Jun 17 2009

       well, we still have Rachel Ray
dentworth, Jun 17 2009

       Everyone I know likes to cook. I'm not sure where you guys get these stereotypes about American cuisine, especially when all you People eat is bread and wine and stinky cheese.
nomocrow, Sep 03 2012

       Methinks thou mayest be a tad too late with your bright idea. The advent of 3D printing is nigh.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 04 2012


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