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I like the Trebuchet Font, but...
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I often use trebuchet because it displays '1' diffirent than'l' and 'i'. The only thing wrong with it would be that the '?' look really accusing. So, how about letting each halfbaker choose which font, from a selection of fonts selected by Jutta, that they wish to use for annotations etc...

[Do you think that the question marks are accusing? Well?]

[ sctld ], May 18 2001

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       Well, I don't know.   

       Is _sctld_ asking for a user-defined style sheet (you change the way all annotations look to yourself), or for a font preference for every user that causes that user's annotations to be rendered in the chosen font to everyone?   

       If the former, yeah, that would go well with a halfbakery XML interface (and why should I provide a list? Make your own list). If the latter, ack ptew.
jutta, May 19 2001

       What jutta said. Implementing the second take on the idea would be most unfortunate. Ack ptew and eek phblat.
PotatoStew, May 19 2001

       'Twas the previous of Jutta's examples i was aiming for.   

       [And i thought that Jutta would make a list since it is her website]
[ sctld ], May 19 2001

       "Use my default fonts, overriding document-specified fonts".   

       I suppose you want to do this to the Halfbakery and not to other sites, and only to annotation and idea body text and not to headings and such?   

       Before going whole hog with XML, we could just add CSS classes like "halfbakery-annotation" which you could override.
egnor, May 19 2001

       <td class=annotation.zen_tom> Or, each annotation could be tagged with a user specific subclass, allowing you to define the fonts/colours that each user displayed in your own css. </td>
zen_tom, Jun 30 2005


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