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Foot Shaped Lego Pickup Tool

Included with each new set of Legos.
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Inspired by NM's "Mock feet cleaning", a soft rubber foot at the end of a stick to pick up Legos with.

Simply press down, the Legos are embedded in the fake foot for easy pickup after the play session's over.

It would be about the consistancy of playdough with a thin flexible rubber coating.

Proven Lego pickup technology put to good use.

Addendum: Per FT, the device screams obscenities as you use it. "JESUS! DAMMIT! PICK UP YOUR DAMN TOYS!" "OWWW! WHAT THE... WHO LEFT THESE HERE!"

doctorremulac3, Mar 30 2021

A blatant ripoff of this great idea Mock_20feet_20cleaning
[doctorremulac3, Mar 30 2021]

lego slippers lego_20slippers
[hippo, Mar 31 2021]


       Kiddos might actually pick up after themselves. Of course, they also might find it fun to toss the Legos in the air and see if they can catch them in their windpipes, but hey, they do that anyway.
blissmiss, Mar 31 2021

       Yea, that's a bun.   

       Are Legos the only toy that's hurt everybody at least once?   

       There's a guy who used to collect dangerous toys and every year when the government agency that regulates such things released their list of banned toys he'd look forward to that, as he said, "Like other people look forward to the Oscars."
doctorremulac3, Mar 31 2021

       [po] I was playing my old copy of "Now That's What I Call Halfbakery 2016"...
hippo, Mar 31 2021

       H is that a thing?
po, Mar 31 2021

       who deleted my anno? <pulls face> yay! Lego slippers.
po, Mar 31 2021

       //H is that a thing?// - no, but I wish it was...
hippo, Mar 31 2021

       Po, was an anno deleted? Hope I didn't hit it by accident. My "Yea, that's a bun" anno is responding to yours so I wouldn't have done it on purpose, sorry if I did.   

       Po's anno said "Yay! Lego slippers" and I responded "Yea, that's a bun."
doctorremulac3, Mar 31 2021

       that's o.k. we've all been there...
po, Mar 31 2021

       The device should of course curse andor scream every time it picks one up.
FlyingToaster, Mar 31 2021


       Ok, putting that as a feature. Credit will be noted.
doctorremulac3, Mar 31 2021

       ^ "Georgie has been playing with the Lego again, everyone charge up their socks."
wjt, Apr 01 2021


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