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Freshly-baked cleaning fluid

“Mmm... smells delicious. You must be baking!”
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“Nope, just cleaning."

Your all-purpose cleanser and furniture polish now comes in a soothing new scent: freshly-baked bread.

Why have a pine-scented home when you can be surrounded by the comforting smell of baking bread?

freespine, Mar 25 2004


       I'm sure you can cinnamon and other scents already associated with the bakery.
DrCurry, Mar 25 2004

       Cinnamon, yes ... Cinnamon Roll scent, I haven't seen. Bun from me!
Letsbuildafort, Mar 25 2004

       + But for the disapointment of walking into a room smelling of fresh baking to find no fresh baked goodies.   

       This would probably have dieting implecations too, would the smell make you crave baked goods or satisfy that craving?
engineer1, Mar 26 2004

       don't clean on an empty stomach.
po, Mar 26 2004

       Easy enough to do - 2-acetylpyrazine is the compound.
hazel, Mar 26 2004

       Oh you're such a smarty-pants, [hazel]. I'd rather have neutral-smelling, non-heave-inducing cleaner andthen bake some bread (recently rediscovered the joys of bread making - not with a bread maker- they make it all soggy).
squeak, Mar 26 2004

       Me too squeak! I love the kneading bit, especially after a bad day.
hazel, Mar 26 2004

       buns for tea then [hazel]?
jonthegeologist, Mar 26 2004

       Baking therapy, now there's an idea.
squeak, Mar 26 2004


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