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Foreign profanity exchange

Learn to swear in every foreign language
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Here's a newsletter or a Web site where people can exchange profane words and phrases in a variety of languages. Knowing how to swear in a foreign language can make you seem sophisticated, well-traveled or at least give you a means to swear in front of others without them thinking of you as the foul-mouthed person you really are. It can also provide cocktail-party type conversations ... impress you friends by informing them that one of the worst things you can tell a French Canadian is that you're going to "Christ" them to death, or that in one of the Balkan countries (Croatia?) one of the worst things you can tell a person is "Your mother is Easter." (And if those things I've heard prove untrue, why then this exchange can debunk said myths.)
arghblah, Apr 02 2001

Halfbkakery: Same concept, different use? http://www.halfbake...20other_20countries
[jutta, Apr 02 2001]

(??) Alternative Dictionaries http://www.notam02.no/~hcholm/altlang/
Learn to swear in many languages [DenholmRicshaw, May 14 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) How to insult, swear, cuss, and curse in 156 languages! http://www.insultmo.../swearing/index.htm
[Gordon Comstock, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       A slut of European Merde on world markets caused an unexpected downturn in global curse-ency markets yesterday. Some traders scuttled for cover fearing a change from the bullshitish market trends recorded in recent days. Baht on the upside, bondage rates were higher in late trading and the S&M index closed out the day up 10 basis points.
grackle, Jul 21 2001

       Some french sware words: - Estie - Cauliss (similar to F word) - Tabernacle - Merde (the S word)
pogoman59, Feb 13 2002

       That's not grammatical German. You know one piece of vocabulary, but not its grammar nor its idioms. The dictionary in this idea might save you from embarrassing yourself any further, and from merely irritating and confusing Germans you meant to offend (or, far be it for me to judge, discuss finer points of zoophilia with).
jutta, Jan 06 2009


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