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The Offensive Incentive

Get us back to the moon by pissing people off.
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There are lots of cultures that hold the moon in some sort of religious esteem. I believe that it has religious significance to most Christians, (Roman and Orthodox Catholics anyway) Hindus, and if I'm not mistaken Moslems as well. We need to find something that will offend... someone enough that it will make them go and do something about it. Offending Christians isn't going to do crap in this day and age. We could offend the Hindus but I'm not sure how... so this sad task must fall upon the followers of the Prophet for the moment. So here's the plan: We stick a flag on the moon, by robotic probe. It reads (In Arabic): "There is no God but Ralph." (or something like that) Now this will no doubt offend the Arab world and some industrious Arab nation will mount an expedition to remove the offending object. At THIS point, the western world will get embarrased that the Arab world is on the moon and they aren't. See? The Arabs will piss off the westerners the same way the flag pissed off the Arabs. It's a never ending cycle. Everybody gets irked, we all end up on the moon sooner or later, and at some point we probably end up going to war or finding out whoever came up with this rediculous plan and shooting him but either way all's well that ends well.
Madcat, Jan 01 2004


       You get a plus vote for ANYTHING that works towards a moonbase, but we hold airlock drill without a suit for you due to lack of paragraph breaks.
normzone, Jan 01 2004

       Jermoonsalem... I like it.
RayfordSteele, Jan 01 2004

       I will comment that it's not as hard as you make it seem to remove flags from rocks...IWBM (like ICBM)...
my-nep, Feb 06 2004


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