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New Direction

A novelty compass that helps with orientation.
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The next time anyone tells you they need a new direction in life, place this New Direction in their hands. Then by placing it in their mouths the New Direction feels their sensations and makes a sound or releases a sweet fluid when it senses changes in the level of saliva. The New Diretion works by the Pavlovian related principle that your body will intrinsically salivate when your head is pointed in the right dirction. In this way it is a type of compass.
rcarty, Jun 02 2013

Kurt Perrson http://www.silvervi....se/furirer1943.jpg
on the left (?) [not_morrison_rm, Jun 02 2013]

Wikipedia: Persson http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persson
makes no mention of Kurt Persson in list of notable Perrsons [rcarty, Jun 02 2013]

Kirk Persson http://www.corporat...sson/123871295.aspx
[not_morrison_rm, Jun 02 2013]


       Deliberately posting in the wrong category is even worse than posting in no category. It's just disrespectful, like deliberately misfiling a library book. Come on. Play by the rules instead of shitting in the sandbox because you think you're too hip to conform.
ytk, Jun 02 2013

       It's not a wrong categorizationn it's just not the most right thing to do. How unfair is it to start picking on others for doing the right thing when it's not the most right thing to do. Heck if everyone went around doing that people would start doing the wrong thing more because they would always be worried about the most right thing. Look at how many categories there are that one idea can go in, including Other: General and divide one by that number, that's the most right you can be at any time wihout pposting in all categories. So kindly stop producing negative sentement regarding Other: General even though it doesn't measure up to your specific tastes.
rcarty, Jun 02 2013

       Oh puh-leeze. Everyone else manages to get it right the vast majority of the time. You could too if you tried. Not putting in the extra bit of effort to keep things tidy around here is simply rude.
ytk, Jun 02 2013

       Oh pooh pooh, joininng the ladies for tea later are we,to gossip about your peerings?   

       Ask them if they would like to put my New Direction in their mouths.   

       [Internet] this idea is generally similar to my other idea Absurd Hero Interactive Diction as a type of nonrational methodology for making decisions.
rcarty, Jun 02 2013

       I like the idea of people contemplating life changes and me pulling out my penis and putting it in their hands.
leinypoo13, Jun 02 2013

       You must be one of those naturally caring and supportive people then.
rcarty, Jun 02 2013

       //It's not a wrong categorizationn it's just not the most right thing to do//   

       Actually, [jutta] comes around and fixes categorizations. She has said it's the most difficult and time-consuming aspect of running the halfbakery.   

       So go ahead and rationalize all you like, but the simple fact is that you make the halfbakery less pleasant, more difficult, and you're the only one who thinks it's funny.   

       Wouldn't be surprised to see your account deleted again.
lurch, Jun 02 2013

       STFU NOOB, I have so many ideas in halfbakery database under so many usernames that the last account I deleted was for a wank. If a moderator tells me to categorize I'll do it, but I'm not listening to the opinion of everyone on the Inernet who asks for an account.   

       I'm posting in Other: General sometimes because the category list is very difficult to use on my handheld.   

       Don't try to impose any of your cultural disciplines on me or I'm going to open a time-portal up into 1921 on your ass, and one into the future when the rest of humanity finally gets some sense, you shit. A man walked into a column, and then the column walked into a bar.
rcarty, Jun 02 2013

       Anyway, back at the idea, I'm guessing a chocolate compass filed with something sweet and/or alcoholic would have a market, if we could get around the magnetic needle, which someone is bound to swallow.   

       I suggest a slight modification, ditch the needle.   

       It now comes with a plastic mat the user aligns north, and stands in the centre. On the mat are printed a number of directions, due North could be "get a new job", due South "move to another place", NNE "try alcoholism" and so on.   

       The user turns until the chocolate is dissolved enough to release the filling, thence giving a new direction.   

       Willing to donate "The path of least resistance has been the roadmap of my life" the K&W tune I never quite get around to writing, for the jingle.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 02 2013

       That TPoLRHBTRMoML philosophy is more profound and significant than most people credit. Although I tend to think of it more in the sense of what is easier to think and say in certain society, rather than not walking uphill, or going through doors rather than Windows.
rcarty, Jun 02 2013

       Actually, pun-wise, 'culture:profanity' fits.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 02 2013

       It's also a device for building a profane cullture where a persson acts on fluid gushing desire rather than making another decision for any other number of factors includiing religion, community, economy etc.
rcarty, Jun 02 2013

       //a persson   

       A. Persson? No relation to Kurt Persson? See linky.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 02 2013

       If that's a joke it would have been funnier to say Kirk Persson.
rcarty, Jun 02 2013

       //a persson   

       A. Persson? No relation to Kirk Persson? See linky. He's the blue one to the left, with all the other blue ones. Kind of like an IBM advert.   

       Is that better?
not_morrison_rm, Jun 02 2013

       Not sure what you're driving at, except if kurt persson, on the left, was a pun on curt person on the left, referring to someone possibly named kurt persson in the photograph , and also some other perhaps leftish curt person, but my counter of kirk persson implies something else.   

       Bottom line is I don't care who was neutral or allies during WW2, it was endemic fascism and antisemitism across the board despite what Nazi Germany did on the impetus of global scientific, economic, philosophic and religious sentiments at the time. Everything from psychiatric persecution of homosexuals, eugenics, superiority of nordic races, to social darwinism, and state ideologies vs popular political movement and protest including Marxism. Lest we forget how fascism refies society producing a superiority deluded mass of functionality obsessed state agents. The proceeding cold war did a nice job of obliterating any sort of critical consciousness of history on the side of "allies" that still censors speech using a vicious mass of sentiment regulating nationalists and ideologues based on identity group reification. That's one significant area of purposeful noise that has stripped meaning from the lives of people using la masse, everyone living in a history where the allies are the antithesis of nazis, and again amplifying the sensitivity of the mass to regulate national sentiment using terrorism as a way get people to protect functionalist ideology by reacting to anything unusual that scares even arachnophobic women in institutional triage positions. Not to mention the medicalization of deviances resulting from the long time understood breakdown, when a large portion of society begins to behave in the manner of the leviathan, and everyone who can't deal with the strain of working along side so many pleasure seeking and punishment or discomfort avoiding supervised become subjects for the DSM rather than antinazi forces. It's still 5 minutes to midnight.
rcarty, Jun 02 2013

       //It's also a device for building a profane cullture where a persson ....   

       I was referring to your typo.   

       We live in 40 time zones world, so it's five minutes to midnight on a very regular basis.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 02 2013

       // STFU NOOB, I have so many ideas in halfbakery database under so many usernames that the last account I deleted was for a wank.   

       You're like a bad idea Elon Musk
leinypoo13, Jun 02 2013

       My own preference would be one of those timezones that's 30 minutes out of alignment.   

       Shows serious national moral fibre sticking at the 30 mins, not the namby-pamby one hour difference.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 03 2013

       I thought at first that this was an idea for The Foundation for European Reform.
skinflaps, Jun 03 2013


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