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The "Expressions"

Sounds like a music band......
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The Expressions are a group of people who help others express their feelings. They each have their face in a mask (Greek) that shows one expression, eternally; they never to show any other feeling.

Mr. Smiley Face wears a happy, smiling mask. He loves to go to carnivals and can usually be seen with little kids who have a new toy to play with.

Mr. Grumpy Face wears a sad, pouty face. He usually hides in the corner with little kids who did something wrong.

Mr. Angry Face has his mask in an eternal scowl. He usually hangs around bosses to yell at the underlings. People stay away from him

Mr. Paraniod Face's eyes are always looking around. He is scared of everything except his fellow schizophrenics, with whom he stays with a lot.

Mr. Shocked Face has his mouth and eyes opened really wide. He has been this way since he won the lottery. He can be found with many people, from lottery winners like himself, to wives who have found their husbands cheating on them.

Mr. Mischevious Face is always getting into trouble. Planning pranks with teens and stealing cookies are his favorite pastimes.

*Please annotate any "faces" that you can think of.

DesertFox, Jul 29 2004

Mr Men http://www.halfbake.../idea/www.mrmen.com
Idea sounds like a group of people dressed up like the Mr Men. [reap, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Hiroshi FP: Face Robot http://www.ifi.uniz...e/hiroshi/face.html
[Ander, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       I thought this was going to be some sort of "group therapy" for those emotionally crippled. Like my ex.
Pericles, Jul 29 2004

       All exes are emotionally crippled, no?
bristolz, Jul 29 2004

       //All exes are emotionally crippled, no?//   

       They will be... they will be.   

       ... Oh, emotionally.
Detly, Jul 29 2004

       well as long as we're listing, how about Mr. Shitfaced (i have an uncle who could model for this one), Mr. Two-Faced (or was that a Spiderman villain?) Mr. Poker Face (for when you are showing emotion but wanting to hide it) etc. etc.
xclamp, Jul 29 2004

       Shirley, Mr. Poker Face would be the arch enemy of the Expressions, standing against everything they hold true...
luecke, Jul 30 2004

       These guys really do sound quite freaky... particularly Mr Grumpy Face. As one of those people who find clowns somehow disturbing, I'm not keen...
david_scothern, Jul 30 2004

       you know, now that clowns have been brought up (and, by the transitive property, their mutant offspring, mimes) i'm sort of frightened as well. i'm off this then.
xclamp, Jul 30 2004

       I'm with you two.Death to all clowns (coulrophobia).Did not like this idea.
python, Jul 31 2004


       I don't like clowns myself that much.   

       These guys are just wearing Greek masks.
DesertFox, Jul 31 2004


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