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Fork Lift Vacuum Cleaner

Lift furniture, clean under it.
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If big enough to ride on, it might chip a lot of paint off doorframes.

I'm a bit worried about the stability of sofas if grabbed off-centre.

It might presuppose a bigger house than mine.

Still, my lower back wants one.

<Flanders and Swann moment>
Why they need a great machine like that just to lift forks I'll never know.

pertinax, May 04 2009

Palate http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palate
[normzone, May 04 2009]

(?) Pallet jack http://www.pallet-j...pallet-jack1720.gif
[normzone, May 04 2009]


       If my lower back got a vote, you'd have two croissants !
batou, May 04 2009

       What about a fork lift scooter? I like it. +
blissmiss, May 04 2009

       the fact that dirt can collect in a space that cannot be used, a space designed into the furniture for no reason, other than to be a place to loose things and collect dirt, and that I would be required to clean such a place occasionally like some kind of furniture proctologist, it really smacks of bad design and pre-modern domesticity. I don't have any servants in my house and it doesn't please me to have to shuffle my furnishings simply because the traditional thought is to put a 2" mouse playland under every single article INCLUDING refrigerators and stoves.   

       I think something along the lines of a scissor action low profile pallet-jack that was a foot wide and two feet long and had a raised height of two feet would do nicely. Even better, if more complicated would be the identical item but with an additional spreading action that popped the "legs" apart into a wide V for added stability before jacking.
WcW, May 04 2009

       A palate-jack that was a foot wide and two feet long and had a raised height of two feet ?   

       Wow, that would really hurt - (link)
normzone, May 04 2009

       ok, i fixed it, mercy.
WcW, May 04 2009

       That's too bad. I was working on a full line of hydraulic dental surgery tools that could double as freight movers.
normzone, May 04 2009


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