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Fortune Auto-Teller

A big chunky, bank machine-style clairvoyancy hole-in-the-wall
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Astrology, runes, palm reading :- In these uncertain times (when exactly were times 'certain'?) there seems to be a need among many people to know their 'purpose' or their 'compatibility' with others or to know what will happen in the future.

I propose an automated system, provided by bank machines that will tell you what you most want to know. Your bank details can supply a large amount of the information normally needed for such predictions: date of birth, your house number etc. So thats the old numerology sorted. To add to the machines resources it will be connected to a teasmade (for tea-leave reading), a small scanner (for your palm print) and a magic 8-ball (cos it never lies!).

<ATM screen> "Withdrawal : £30"
<ATM printout> Balance XXX Pending XXX
<ATM printed fortune> "You will meet a tall dark stranger interested in your finances"

<mugger swings baseball bat> Thud!

(I've not checked if this already exists - I am unashamed in my laziness)

Jinbish, May 15 2003

Only 1¢ http://www.juliaauc.../June30ATD/zita.jpg
[AO, Oct 05 2004]

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       Not significantly different in concept to those weighing machines that would deliver a fortune in addition to your weight.
DrCurry, May 15 2003

       I think a standard fortune-cookie style fortune is enough for me, no need for all the astrology and unnecessary privacy violations. But +1 for fortunes at ATMs.
calculust, May 15 2003


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