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Frankenstein's Village People Parade

bring pitchforks and burn down the house
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This idea requires two parts to explain it.

part 1 - In every Frankenstein film I have watched, there is a scene featuring a mob of frenzied villagers or town folk advancing up the street, brandishing burning torches and pitchforks... lots of pitchforks and scythes.

part 2 - Sporting events sometimes feature a marching band or a group of dollie type girls prancing around.

I would like to replace this marching band with an orchestrated Frankenstein's Village People Parade.

Without explanation, a replica House of Frankenstein (built on a fireproof platform) would be wheeled out into the middle of the ground. Frankenstein's Village People would then march out, circle it once and burn it into a heap of ashes, before marching triumphantly back into one of the entrance tunnels for the ground.

A troop of white boiler suited slave girls would drag the platform of smouldering ash away, allowing the game to commence.

This is best done at night, with the stadium lights dimmed, and don't ask me why it might be a good idea.

xenzag, Oct 09 2012

Burning Down the House http://www.youtube....watch?v=-3L3rr3dknU
[Canuck, Oct 10 2012]

Village people parade... http://www.mymodern...ple-puppets-perform
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 10 2012]

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       Burning stuff [+]
8th of 7, Oct 09 2012

       Why might it be a good idea?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 10 2012

       I think I have found a good concept video, at least for the theme music - see link! We just need to substitute pitchforks & scythes for the flags & pompoms!!   

       And of course, pyrotechnics galore!
Canuck, Oct 10 2012

       //Why might it be a good idea?// - yak! (same sound as a duck would make if it saw a burning ice-berg drifting past)
xenzag, Oct 10 2012


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