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Fresh Bake Bagels

Frozen bagel dough
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Fresh baked bagels have a wonderful texture and flavor that can't be duplicated by toasting previously-baked (i.e. storebought) bagels. It seems to me that a bagel that has been prepared just to the baking phase (formed, risen, boiled) then frozen would be a very desirable product.
Worldgineer, Oct 31 2004

Par-baked Bagels http://www.arniesba...r_baked/default.asp
You mean like these, perhaps? [prufrax, Oct 31 2004]

Bagel recipe http://fooddownunde.../recipe.cgi?r=20564
For [Doc] [Worldgineer, Nov 01 2004]


       Bagels don't taste the same anywhere outside of New York, for reasons that entirely escape me. But I suspect that would interfere with your cunning plan.
DrCurry, Oct 31 2004

       Baked (if you'll excuse the pun!) in the in-store bakery / catering industry. See link.
prufrax, Oct 31 2004

       [DC] I don't know, it's hard to imagine something tasting better then the fresh bagels I've made at home. Maybe you should send me some water just to be sure.   

       [pru] Wonderful. I was hoping these were baked (heh). I've never seen these marketed at the retail level. "Quick 7 minute bake time" is even better than I'd hoped. (<sigh> the "get bagels!" page for Washington doesn't work)
Worldgineer, Oct 31 2004

       it is entirely possible that prufax's link is the reason *why* bagels don't taste the same outside New York...
DrCurry, Oct 31 2004

       //the "get bagels!" page for Washington doesn't work)//
It doesn't work in Nebraska either (but then, what does?).
angel, Nov 01 2004

       // I don't know, it's hard to imagine something tasting better then the fresh bagels I've made at home//   

       My gluttonous instincts compel me to humbly request a recipe [World]. If you'd be so kind I could then vote on the idea based on empirical evidence. Mmmm...empirical evidence.
DocBrown, Nov 01 2004

       I linked to the recipe I believe I used for my last batch. My recipies are different each time, and generally come from whatever I can find by typing "bagel recipe" into Google. I have yet to make anything but a perfect batch of bagels.
Worldgineer, Nov 01 2004

       Thanks [World] will give it a go next week sometime. I know owe you for bagels *and* projectile physics!
DocBrown, Nov 02 2004


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