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Packaged bread that’s compartmentalized
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We don’t eat too much bread in our house everyday so at the end of the week by the time I am half way through the loaf it has already started molding. The idea is to have a compartment or barrier somewhere at the mid point of the bread. That way the yeast from the upper part cannot infect the entire loaf.
nomadic_wonderer, Nov 05 2004


       So much easier than keeping your bread in the fridge / freezer.
angel, Nov 05 2004

       freezer's better
dentworth, Nov 05 2004

       [dentworth] how exactly is freezing the bread solving your problem? you remove a couple of slices, defrost it and then place the rest back into the freezer?
nomadic_wonderer, Nov 05 2004

       I remove only what I need, retie the bag, throw the bag back into the freezer. whats wrong with that?   

       it takes seconds to defrost in the micro, sometimes I just make frozen sandwiches for the kids , let them sit on the counter [the sandwiches not the kids], and by the time they come it's defrosted.
dentworth, Nov 05 2004

       also, I was under the impression, the mold on bread was a totally different microrganism from the yeasts. remember penicillin?
dentworth, Nov 05 2004

       Freezing bread ruins the consistancy (at least for me).
It's not the yeast, but bacteria that causes the mold
brodie, Nov 05 2004

       I like BrauBeaton's point. Packaged bread isn't irradiated already? In places where that's legal without scary labelling, that would seem like an obvious way of increasing its shelflife.
jutta, Nov 07 2004

       <imagines Xwave next to Microwave on the kitchen worktop>
Ling, Nov 07 2004

       Frozen bread is great for toast - just turn the dial up a couple of notches.
wagster, Nov 07 2004

       Yes - you can toast bread straight from frozen.

In our house we get through a loaf of bread a day so this problem never arises. The upside of this is that it justifies the cost of a bread machine.
hippo, Nov 07 2004

       Fresh bread every morning. I wish I lived in your house.
wagster, Nov 07 2004

       While I favor the freezer and generally frown on superfluous packaging (creating extra garbage as it does), this does seem worthy.
DrCurry, Nov 07 2004


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