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Helix Croissant Loaf

Like a never-ending, flaky donut
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Made from the finest butter dough, rolled into a boa-length rope that is then twisted into the form of a spiral sewing machine needle and baked to, as the French say, perfection, the helix croissant loaf packs more puff for the pound. Slice off a half turn with a diagonal slice and eureka! a tasty, pastry crescent.

Wake up hungry? Slice off 360 degrees and serve yourself a cream cheese cercle. Just want a light snack? Cut off a 90 degree voûte to nibble with your coffee lite. This week only, sold in a Back Bag with shoulder straps, so when you get home and “loaf”, your spine will feel as good as your stomach.

See a portion of the product pictured at the right of the title.

FarmerJohn, Sep 06 2003

Annular Bread http://www.halfbake...dea/Annular_20Bread
a possible source of inspiration [FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2004]


       //See a portion of the product pictured at the right of the title.//   

       I don't see it... [click]... ah there it is.
st3f, Sep 06 2003

       and going for a double helix..
po, Sep 06 2003

       Loaves could corkscrew together to save room in the cart.   

       Good thing your idea wasn’t a helical fish skeleton or your illustration would be all wrong.
AO, Sep 08 2003

       this idea is making me hungry
benfrost, Feb 12 2005


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