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Matzoh Playing Cards

The Winner Eats All
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Bring Matzoh Playing Cards to your next poker game. These card sized matzohs are tasty, yet fun. Each matzoh card is stamped with edible ink showing the suit and numbers. And, when it's time to go home from poker, the winner gets to eat the cards. "Passover Matzoh Playing Cards Available"
Japanese_Coffee, Oct 16 2003

OK. What's matzoh? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matzoh
Don't worry, I'll be gentile. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       All this time I thought only the balls of a Matzoh were edible.
thumbwax, Oct 16 2003

       Oy veh.
phundug, Oct 16 2003

       Matzah is thick. Even thin matzah would make a really big deck of cards. Shuffling would not be so easy, though in some games just having the deck be a pile of matzah on the table and just picking up pieces of matzah might work fine. Even so, holding the cards would be tricky.   

       Matzah is textured. Printing the faces of the cards would be tough. It would either need to be done by hand or a machine would need to be built to do so. The latter requires a strong market to be cost-effective and the former just tends to cost a lot.   

       Matzah is brittle. Cards would tend to break if not packaged carefully, or during gameplay.
aguydude, Oct 20 2004


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