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Fresh Cold Pizza

Breakfast restaurant cooks fresh pizza and then speed-chills it
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The problem with most breakfast pizza is that it's been sitting in the fridge overnight and is stale as well as cold.

This breakfast restaurant would cook a fresh pizza and then immediately cool it in an industrial refridgeration unit.

This way, your cold pizza is fresh-cooked and delicious!

smwood, Mar 11 2004

Pizzonuts http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Pizzonuts
[Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]


krelnik, Mar 11 2004

       Would be a good use of pizza serving restaurants in morning hours. I tackled the same problem in a different way with the linked idea.
Worldgineer, Mar 11 2004

DrCurry, Mar 11 2004

       Been there, halfbaked that, got fishboned.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 11 2004

       I thought it sounded familiar. Yes, I remember fishboning yours.
Worldgineer, Mar 11 2004

       Baked. Boxed fresh-made cold pizza is commonly available in many parts of Pennsylvania.
waugsqueke, Mar 11 2004

       [waugsqueke] Do you mean Nardones? Oh man, now I have to go to the grocery.
nth, Mar 10 2006


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