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fridge alarm responds to temperature

commercial food freezers have a legally mandated temperature range. instead of logs they could have a sonic alarm that goes off when the fridge is out of range.
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this is a nothing of a technology that could benefit 100,000s of thousands or possibly a million commercial freezer users.

As commercial freezers these have to maintain food at a particular temperature range. Incredibly, some of these are hand-logged, and then they submit the data to agencies or other compliance people.

Now one obvious answer is the networked refrigerator, but are these cheap? And what about the millions of preexisting freezers worldwide? Data loggers are another obvious idea, they just need to be paired with an audio element loud enough to hear through a freezer door.

But it is possible to go cheaper with something like a smoke alarm. it makes noise when it detects something. Just have a temperature sensor attached to the alarm, when it goes off the person looks at the display and notes the date. they also adjust the fridge.

Most importantly this replaces log based compliance with exception based compliance, causing fridges that work well, for years at a time, to remain in approval without paperwork.

Like I said, not much of an idea, but beneficial to up to a million.

beanangel, Nov 17 2017

wkte http://lmgtfy.com/?q=freezer+alarm
[MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 17 2017]


       Uh, you can get freezer and fridge alarms for a few quid. They have a thin wire that goes to a probe inside the freezer, and a temperature indicator and audible alarm on the unit outside.   

       Did you try googling something like, oh, I dunno, something crazy like "freezer alarm"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 17 2017

       Thanks [mb]
beanangel, Nov 17 2017

       As it's posted now... Perhaps we could think Out Of The Box, for a while... Imagine people (climate change deniers) sponsored to place sensors around the World and opened betting... If they loose, their Winnings go to repair/avoidance systems... If they win they get to buy a diesel Testarossa and drive it on their own (sinking) Island
Dub, Nov 18 2017

       //climate change deniers// Why not just use the term "nazis" and save the ambiguity? Better still, "climate change paedophiles" would be more in keeping with prevailing attitudes, surely? I mean, really, if there's one thing we've learned over the last century, it's that scientific progres is assisted immensely by sticking to an orthodoxy and disprespecting anyone who questions it. Let's face it, if we could only silence opposing views more effectively we would now have cold fusion power stations and N-ray scanners.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 18 2017

       "Global warming deniers?" No one's heard of too many of them recently since they all went on holiday together (courtesy of Exxon/Mobile/Monsanto) to enjoy having sex with underage sheep.
xenzag, Nov 18 2017

       Sp. Mobil
pertinax, Nov 18 2017

       E's are good with everything.
xenzag, Nov 19 2017


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