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Improvement in fridge design?
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Fridges and magnets go together perfectly, being a good example of serendipity.

But I haven't yet owned a fridge the finish of which by design, doubles as a as a whiteboard - a real quick-erase whiteboard.

There are times when ballpens and notepads and magnets are just not enough to tell the household in VERY LARGE letters that the cat has done it again and guess who won't be cleaning it up this time.

But I don't want to have to use sink-cleaner to remove the traces of my message left on the fridge either.

Baked? I could find no trace of the idea when I searched.

rayfo, Jun 11 2001


       There are little magnetic whiteboards, but I suspect those would also disappoint your desire for VERY LARGE letters. Croissant.
egnor, Jun 12 2001

       A natural development of this splendid idea would be to have the walls of your house made of whiteboard. You could use them not just for notifications, but also to develop schema of complicated systems. And kids could have their fun, too.   

       Incidentally, don't most households use text messaging to notify each other? Frau Furtz and I send messages from our mobile phones to each other all the time.
Dr Furtz, Jun 12 2001

       The whole fridge already acts as a white-board. just use dry-erase markers and they wipe right off. So, baked? well, sort-of.
OliveSaxer, Jul 31 2002


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