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Be the taxi driver in the SIMS
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Object of the game: To work an endless shift where you pick people up and take them to the right place. You get credit for accuracy and safe driving.

Scoring Examples:
Job Seeker: $10. Round trip after you impart one of your 'work life jewels' that causes rethinking of career possibility...$20. Remember to pick up in 30min. $20.

Driving Instructor: $100. Safe conduct $20. Minor accident with adequate excuse, no fine $40. etc.

Examples of Features:
Graze shopping cart, motorcycle, or give free ride to public servant or tramp. Steering wheel becomes 'golden horseshoe' for time equal to your success.

Cut off bicyclists, pedestrians of other cars. Earn headlights look like sun kissing moon for time equal to your success.

Get to know your neighbors now, before SIMS ver. 20/20 rescinds your driving privileges.

reensure, May 25 2001

Sega Dreamcast: Crazy Taxi http://score.sega.c...razytaxi/index.html
By the way, Crazy Taxi II is in preproduction (finally), and is said to play in New York. Whee. [jutta, May 25 2001]


       This is fairly close to "Crazy Taxi", see link.   

       Pick up and drop off; extra points for speed; higher tips for cutting off drivers, spinning, flying; less money for bumping into things. Great fun, but something of a plateau game - once you're familiar with the driving tricks and the geography, there's really nothing much more to do.
jutta, May 25 2001

       I vote for this for an example of 'Non-descriptive idea names'...'Froghead'? I thought it was another lame superhero...
StarChaser, May 26 2001

       Starchaser: "Froghead" is title we hurled at wee small folks driving those cruisers so low in the saddle that all you sees are the shiny pate and two hands above the car seat back. My idea centered on keeping a demanding schedule while driving a car where the brake and throttle keep switching positions and the steering column has a 5 second built in delay. Radio that is stuck on 'scan' extra.
reensure, May 31 2001

       D'oh! Jutta beat me with that link...
AfroAssault, Jun 01 2001


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