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Harry & Megan The Game

like Thelma & Louise only it's two hours long
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"Harry & Megan The Game" started off life as a two hour long film that recreates all the drama of their recent car chase around Manhattan's streets.

It's like a sort of fly-on-wall documentary only the fly here is inside the car. For a flavour of the chase, check out the sequence from the Seven-Ups in the link. In the bare ten minutes this one lasts, the cars do everything described by our fleeing victims ie mounts the kerbs and drives along the pavement; runs red lights; scatters pedestrians; goes up one way streets the wrong way and much much more. They really crammed in the thrills - with Harry & Megan this relentless pursuit continues for two hours, as our heroes shriek with fear that their now wrinkled suits will be photographed by the dastardly paparazzi.

Harry & Megan The Game is the inevitable follow up to the movie, offering a VR experience along with a fully interactive game of photographers and police in hot pursuit of the Angry Ones (as they are code named). The Game is fully customisable as you get to choose your own city to be the location. This means the cars mount pavements and scatter cardboard boxes in places you actually know well.

deluxe edition comes with an Angry Ones signed photograph of "herself" licking a crumb off the front of "himself's" tie.

Inevitable follow up movie and game to be called "Harry & Megan v The Dukes of Hazzard"

xenzag, May 20 2023

The Seven-Ups https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9vACWV5sRcY
The Angry Ones take Manhattan! [xenzag, May 20 2023]


       Their account is contradicted by their own cab driver who said it didn't feel like a chase to him, it felt like New York lol
21 Quest, May 20 2023

       Oh no....but think about what you're saying....that it wasn't The Seven Ups car chase on steroids for two hours! Darn. There goes my movie and my new game and all the model car sales!
xenzag, May 20 2023


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