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optional car game controller output

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If a car is sufficiently fly by wire, then allow for car enthusiast to pay a little extra when buying a new car to have a 'game controller output' installed.

What this means is, after driving home, they can perhaps drive into their garage, and hook their car to their *XBOX 360 or *computer, to play an entire game within the confines of their car.

It would also have force feedback, because of the 'power steering feature that most car have'

*(projector system, and computer/console not included)

If it have dynamic suspension... you can add force feedback to the entire car.

mofosyne, May 11 2010


       Also useful for long motorway journeys.
pocmloc, May 11 2010

       — pocmloc, May 11 2010   

       ummmm... I would shudder at that thought.
mofosyne, May 11 2010

       had a Nintendo... the controllers lasted a few months before they degenerated.
FlyingToaster, May 11 2010

       Fine way to mess with those conditioned reflexes of the driver's which stand between him -- all right, who cares about him: some bystander -- and death or maiming.
mouseposture, May 11 2010

       now all you have to do is mount a 60" plasma screen tv in your garage, or use one of those nifty head's up displays.
metarinka, May 13 2010


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