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Need For Speed: New Year's Eve

NFSMW meets The Temperance League
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Driving sim in which you try to get home from a holiday party, avoiding aggressive drunk drivers and avoiding becoming drunk yourself.

Drunk drivers' vehicles occasionally drop "Beer Bombs" that cause you to become drunk if you hit them, decreasing your ability to control own your vehicle. Conspicuous drunkenness on your own part attracts the attention of the police, who delay you in your attempt to get home.

The buzz wears off over time, improving your control of the vehicle. "Power-shots" of espresso help to counteract the effect of the beer bombs and give you NFSMW- style "Race Breaker" slow-motion powers to simulate quick reaction time.

PS: And for all the pedantic spurks out there, I know that caffeine doesn't actually sober you up.

land, Jan 05 2007




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