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Frosted Ramen

Cereal? Soup? Breakfast? Dinner? /FOOD/??
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Normal ramen noodles are such that they are cooked into hardened blocks and soften when soaked in water. Biodegradable packing peanuts are made from starch, and they dissolve readily in any temperature water (and are only slightly less edible than ramen or cotton candy). Somewhere between these two, there must be a way to fashion a brick of noodles that would soften when soaked in cold milk. Frost the hard block of them a la Shredded Wheat, and you've got a strange combination of Saturday morning cartoons sugar rush, and 2:30am Friday night video game binge sustenance.

(It occurs to me that what I refer to as 2:30am Friday *night* is actually Saturday morning... hmm. Anyway, I fully expect to get fishboned with this one, but I'm telling you, SOMEBODY would eat it!)

absterge, May 24 2001

The History of Ramen Noodles http://www.konzak.com/ramen/ramhist.html
How the mighty are fallen. [angel, May 24 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Ramen Recipes http://www.mattfisc...m/ramen/recipe.html
See Ryane and Anne's Cheap and Easy Ramen Dessert: "Take cold ramen and place on a paper plate. Drizzle as much honey on ramen as desired, I like a lot. Sprinkle on some cinnamon and sugar, and a little of the strawberry sauce. Add whipped cream, then a little more strawberry for color. Eat and EnJOY!!!" [egnor, May 24 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Menu of a high-end normal German ice cafe. http://www.eiscafe-.../spezialitaeten.htm
Spaghetti Ice is a bit down the page. Not much to look at, but ooh so good. [jutta, May 24 2001]

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       [I realize that absterge's idea is different, but just in the way of off-topic background:]   

       There was a lot of post-war worker immigration from Italy to Germany, making pizzerias (thin crust!) and gelaterias a part of common small-town life. In those gelaterias, spaghetti ice is a standard on par with banana split, one of the dozen of fancy dishes shown on faded back-lit photographs above the ice-cream counter.   

       There's usually a core of whipped cream that is only covered by the "spaghetti" strands (vanilla ice squished through a big-holed sieve) and half-frozen by the time you get to it, and coconut shaves standing in for the parmesan cheese.   

       [UnaBubba, you and me both.]
jutta, May 25 2001

       A Kid Thing: My son and some of his friends eat ramen noodles dry, right out of the packet. They sprinkle a little of the flavoring on to provide, um, flavor. (I'd never heard of spaghetti ice. Neat!)
Dog Ed, May 25 2001

       wow, croissantified! Sweet! <rimshot>   

       [jutta], 'normal high-end'?? That is to say, that page is typical of high-end <strike>ice cream shops</strike> gelaterias? That stuff does look good, but what I'm imagining here is much more ghetto, served only in a bowl as a sweetened mess. The ice cream-ghetti there isn't at all close to cereal.
absterge, May 25 2001

       Yeah, I was veering off topic. Delete this annotation, yours, and the link, and you can have just the little paragraph up there stand for itself, now admittedly and explicitly off-topic.
jutta, May 25 2001

       oh, I think not! :) it all stays, because that's just the way it happened. I'm not into trans-chronological posting/editing, as some of us are.
absterge, May 28 2001

       The next time I am cramming for exams I will definitely try this. Viva la Ramen! A college student's BEST friend.
javajean, Jul 01 2006


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