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Fake Baby Monitor Gag

Ba ba ba bubby babba bad daddy
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It wouldn't be right to electronically monitor your baby from the nearest bar, but, what a riot you could cause with the Fake Baby Monitor Gag device.

You come in and sit down at the bar and put the Fake Baby Monitor Gag on the bar and order a drink while bar patrons appear puzzeled, shocked, concerned. You act oblivious while you secretely initiate various baby sound options:

- Normal random baby sounds
- Baby babble
- Baby crying
- Abnormally loud burp
- Abnormally long burp
- Baby opening a beer and guzzling it
- Baby possessed by demon
- Baby's says first word progressing from Da Da Da to 'Daddy'
- Baby heard trying to order a pizza on speaker phone with baby talk, pizza guy thinks he understands large order

Keep it up until someone calls the police or you are about to be pounded. Then play

'You have been faked out by Fake Baby Monitor Gag. Order your Fake Baby Monitor Gag at www.FakeBabyMonitorGag.com today!'

Mustardface, Jan 02 2010

Tom Mabe http://m.youtube.co...v=guDqQWBh_KI&gl=US
Baked. [Mustardface, Feb 13 2012, last modified May 20 2012]


       The idea is great, but in my opinion you painted it into a strange corner; the bar room application. I would imagine this to work as well, if not better, right in front of the spouse. You could watch as your loving loved-one ignored clearly hazardous sounds, and chastise them accordingly.
daseva, Jan 02 2010

       I saw the title and thought it was going to hijack the transmission signal to pipe in a prank video to scare the parents. [+] because it's not that.
swimswim, Apr 03 2010

       Tom Mabe has now done it. See link. We both live in Louisville, KY, USA. I recently subscribed to his YouTube channel after one of his pranks was tweeted out by our top radio funny man, Terry Meiner. Then, tonight, I checked YouTube and this was in my feed.
Mustardface, Feb 13 2012

       Thanks [21 Quest]
Mustardface, Feb 13 2012

       Your link is broken, it only shows my recent feed. + for the idea, though. Must keep it in mind for our next hosted event.
RayfordSteele, Feb 13 2012


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