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Evil Kris Kringle Gift #1

Evil Kris Kringle Gift #1
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A build your own cardboard replica of the [Titanic, Eifel Tower, Empire State Building ...] book with a difference. After meticulously following the instructions, and gluing together tiny pieces of cardboard for hours, your giftee is directed to attach assembly a) (one half of the model), to assembly b) - the other half. Good luck, because they have been designed not to fit together.

Ok, this is thoroughly evil, but hown many opportunities do you get to give totally anonymous gifts?

goldilox, Mar 29 2005


       Having put together my fair share of model kits, most of which were seemingly designed not to be put together, I have to agree that this would be a rotten trick to play on a friend. +
DrBob, Mar 29 2005

       If half the thing was mising, I would know before I started. I suggest a more subtle approach: leave out one or two crucial parts, so that when you finished the eifel tower it stands like the tower of pizza or vice versa. Bun though.
zeno, Mar 29 2005

       The tower of pizza? Too many toppings?
RayfordSteele, Mar 31 2005

       I thought this was thoroughly Baked.
DrCurry, Mar 31 2005

       Similar idea is with those puzzles, 16 squares that only fit together one way so that all the sheep, leprechauns, dolphins or whatever are joined together correctly. Buy two sets and switch one piece from A with one piece from B, then give them to two people as presents. (Ideally choose people who wouldn't be too dumb to solve the puzzles normally.)
imaginality, Mar 12 2006


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