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Fur gel

Fur gel--clumps dog hair for easier cleaning
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This one has obvious problems but I'll post it anyway. My computer is in the dog-friendly part of the house, which means I get dog hair on the monitor, in the keyboard, in my books, and on top (!) of the ceiling fans. Furthermore, these dogs (labs) have short hair, which means their sheddings have less bulk but are more mobile.

Idea: some kind of dog fur gel that would clump the fur ever so slightly so it wouldn't get everywhere, in particular it wouldn't become airborne so readily. The product shouldn't be too sticky (yuck), unhealthy or uncomfortable for the dogs, expensive, or difficult to apply (a moist towelette--like those instant dog bath towelettes--would be ideal). And it should come in "mountain fresh" "spring boquet", and "evergreen forest" scents.


mattyoungrev2, Nov 22 2002


       Could be another use for scotch guarding.
RayfordSteele, Nov 22 2002

       Our first attempt at canine lamination was a failure Egor... back to the Lab.   


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