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GMail Password Protected Folder

Drag/Drop email into this 'Encrypted' label/folder for added security
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Two Unique Features that are lacking in GMail:

1. Gmail should have a feature to allow you to scrub (ie, black-out) certain parts of existing email's text instead of having to delete the entire conversation because it contains sensitive information (e.g. credit card details or photo id images). There are times you want to keep the conversation but just want to pick-and-choose certain things to black-out.

2. Have a label (folder) entitled "Encrypted" where anything that is dragged-dropped into it is now password protected and not cached locally (has to call server each time) and you must enter another password to open this folder and read the emails contained within.

If your account is compromised this Password Encrypted folder will give you a little peace of mind that other important information about you is not compromised too.

Would be nice to have both features via a Firefox plugin if Google isn't interested in adding them.

corezz, Oct 04 2011


       // a bunch of nerds does not a society make //   

       Come outside and say that.
8th of 7, Oct 04 2011

       This is an eggs in one basket issue. Google secures your data using a single password. If that password is compromised then all their data is compromised including stuff that is extra encrypted. What you need is another basket, so I suggest Lastpass or KeyPass+Dropbox and give it a REALLY good password. Then you can use those to also give a ridiculously good password to all your other accounts. Both Lastpass and Keypass have Firefox plug-ins.   

       So this is basically baked (-).   

       PS Really secure data should NEVER be emailed unencrypted.
MisterQED, Oct 04 2011

       I have an issue with the idea - in that it is two completely separate and distinct ideas.   

       1) I like this a lot - an easy method of "redacting" digital data is rising as a feature requirement in all manner of digital content management - that covers databases, email systems, file systems, outsourcing of data, operations and processes overseas and into different jurisdictions, indeed the more data is treated as a commodity to be processed, rather than an end-point consumerable, and it's unknown through whos hands it is passed from its original source to its final destination, the more urgently something like this is required as a standard feature.   

       2) Not so bothered about this second thing - drop-boxes and cloud storage, encrypted or otherwise are well documented elsewhere, as well as within the range of services provided by Google.
zen_tom, Oct 04 2011

       Methinks this would be an issue better addressed to the folks at Gmail--who would probably say "who's gonna pay for it?"
Alterother, Oct 04 2011

       //Two Unique Features that are lacking //
Wow, that's sophisticated. I'm still waiting for GMail to implement a "Forward email" button and a way of quickly locating the attachments link in a long email reply chain.
phundug, Oct 04 2011

       The redacting bit is good - perhaps you may consider pulling that out as a separate post?   

       The encrypted folder bit, not so much, per [MisterQED]'s observations.
tatterdemalion, Oct 05 2011

       Er- You mean to say you actually hold a credit card with credit?
Ah Supp, Oct 05 2011


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