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GPS-enabled iPod with location-dependent track selection

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You're on the train to work (Alexis Corner: "Long Black Train", The Cure: "Another journey by train"), you travel through Aldgate East (The Small Faces: "Itchycoo Park"), you arrive at Waterloo station (Abba: "Waterloo"), you get to work (Roy Orbison: "Working for the Man"), etc.
hippo, Mar 18 2004

GPS Walkman http://www.halfbake.../idea/GPS_20Walkman
this idea by [coinop29] is only slightly related [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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Reminded me of "Car Song Perfect end" Car_20Song_20Perfect_20end
[Dub, Feb 14 2007]

Firefox location plug-in. http://news.bbc.co....hnology/7659497.stm
[DrBob, Oct 13 2008]

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       sheena easton "Working nine to five"
doobie brothers "long train running"
gene "sleep well tonight"

jonthegeologist, Mar 18 2004

       [RodsTiger] or even location, time and dorection...you could be working shifts or going IN to Waterloo to watch a concert at the South Bank...
timbeau, Mar 18 2004

       I like this a lot. OK, so time dependant track selection is a bonus feature, but that can be added into the original idea.   

       <personal rant or idea> I got my self a mini disc player a few years ago that could record at lp4. "Great," I thought, "I can fit various albums onto 1 disc and still carry a large collection around but save space." Fair enough, but what about wanting to fall asleep to an album mid-disc with out having to listen to the rest of the disc. OK, so you can program a set of tracks to play, but when the disc is changed that program is lost. As preferred volume and equalizer settings are saved to disc, I have been wondering why you cant save preferred programs as well.   

       I assume that the music producing industry has been against making it too easy to listen to discreet albums on a disc, etc. </personal rant or idea>   

       Enough of that. Even with self-defined sub albums on a minidisc or iPod the GPS iPod still has advantages... Depending on whoever chooses what is played in which locations it could create the impression of walking through a soundtrack or music video for the area. OK I am stretching things but that raises a point. Is the music I listen to in an area dictated by someone else or can I assign tracks to areas. I assume the second is how this works.   

       That said I await the arrival of the GPS-iPod with GPS Walkman Radio built in.
afrocelt, Mar 18 2004

       Yeah - but on the other hand I did shoot the sheriff
hippo, Mar 20 2004

       I was just about to post a new idea: "satnav-based in-car music selector" and did a search and found this, which I completely failed to remember posting. Anyway, the in-car satnav version would play music based on your location, ABBA's "Waterloo" when travelling through Belgium, the Pogues "Transmetropolitan" in London, the best-forgotten Art Garfunkel track "99 Miles from LA" when you're 99 miles from LA, etc.
hippo, Feb 14 2007

       Or Edwin Starr, whenever you are 25 miles from anywhere at all.
calum, Feb 14 2007

       Make sure, hippo, that your in-car satnav version is fully compatible with the Fatal Auto Collision Song module. I too would hate to die listening to Barry Manilow just because I happen to have an accident wilst driving to the beach.
methinksnot, Feb 14 2007

       ...or The Proclaimers when you're 500 miles from somewhere I couldn't quite make out. Good point, [methinksnot].
hippo, Feb 15 2007

       ... Or Gene Pitney when you are about a days travel from Tulsa.
Jinbish, Jul 14 2008

       Gene Pitney GPS Announcement: At the third stroke, you will be "Only..." <click> "thirty one" <click> "...hours from Tulsa." <click> "Precisely."
zen_tom, Jul 14 2008

       I'm already there![+]
jaksplat, Oct 13 2008

       Eminently bakeable. Perhaps not with iPod's but certainly with handhelds. The Mozilla tie up with Skyhook, announced last week, means that you can embed location tracking into a browser (if it's Firefox, that is). The hard bit is catalogueing music tracks against co-ordinates.

<Adds to list> Anywhere across the channel, if your location signal cuts out, "Lost in France" by Bonnie Tyler.
DrBob, Oct 13 2008


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