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Gabriel's Porn

Inversions of the Painter's Paradox
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Does it take more to fill, or more to coat a body.

The investigation by one or more performers provides a timely pragmatic humanist critique of the enlightenment.

fishboner, Jan 07 2013

filling versus coating: Painter's Paradox http://en.wikipedia...Painter.27s_Paradox
[fishboner, Jan 08 2013]

Zeno's Arrow http://www.xkcd.com/1153/
via XKCD [AusCan531, Jan 15 2013]


       bun for using the word painter.   

       I'm a bit simple so if you could break it down for me that would be great. (could also be worded, "what the f@#K are you talking about!?")   

       Also the answer is 'fill'.
Brian the Painter, Jan 07 2013

       so not "1001 uses for a trumpet" then ?   

       and depends on the body shape and paint thickness, obviously.
FlyingToaster, Jan 07 2013

       // the answer is 'fill'//   

       see [link]
fishboner, Jan 08 2013

       Thanks for the link, the math is a bit over my head though. Not due to lack of IQ but rather due to lack of mathematical training. Paint goes a long way though. Although I did put $30000 of paint on one building once. I thought that building was going to take an infinite amount lol
Brian the Painter, Jan 08 2013

       changed "two performers" to "one or more performers"
fishboner, Jan 08 2013

       There is a mistake in the equation. Just because I can't find it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. The answer is still fill. Better questions are, why, and where did we go wrong?   

       Reminds me of another,   

       If a person walks from here to the wall, stopping at the half way point, then walks from there to the wall stopping again at the new halfway point he/she will never get to the wall because there are an infinite number of halfway points to cross. Yet you can get to the wall.   

       I believe this and the other are both answered similarly in that you can't divide an atom in half (and live to tell about it) so nothing is Infinite.   

       Also, God is only infinite from our perspective, not necessarily from His.   

       Also I don't have a clue.
Brian the Painter, Jan 08 2013

       Nice idea, and interesting too - I hadn't come across (heh heh) Gabriel's Horn before
hippo, Jan 08 2013

       //Painter's Paradox//   

       The Mathematical equivalent of " Gotcher nose ! ".
FlyingToaster, Jan 08 2013

       Brian, it's called 'Zeno's Paradox.' And the shape is a theoretically infinite horn. There is no mistake in the equation, it simply can't exist in reality. Gabriel's Horn is formed from a curve, that if revolved around the x axis, converges in volume to a finite number but has infinite length and therefore an infinite surface area with its revolution. It is something like a fractal that way, they also have infinite boundary length but transcribe finite volume.
RayfordSteele, Jan 08 2013

zeno, Jan 08 2013

       //RayfordSteele// are you the real Rayford Steele? The author? Etheir way thanks. That helped a bit.   

       //@zeno// hello
Brian the Painter, Jan 09 2013

       The author? There's an author? I only know of a pilot.
RayfordSteele, Jan 09 2013

       Oh yeah, been a while since I read that book.
Brian the Painter, Jan 10 2013

       The problem is, infinite segmentation is not a reality. The smallest real increment, I think mankind has yet to discover. Sadly, I don't think I will be around to see that discovery.
wjt, Jan 12 2013

       The smallest real increment// A couple of my friends set out to cut an atom in half. I've been waiting for their report for a while now. hmmm why aren't they back yet?
Brian the Painter, Jan 15 2013

       XKCD [link]
AusCan531, Jan 15 2013

       I love paradoxes
Brian the Painter, Jan 15 2013


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