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Game Button

A button on the remote that cycles through sports events on at the time
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I'm thinking of a button on a remote control that would cycle through all programs of a certain genre that are on at the time. This could be a feature of those DVRs with an electronic program guide. Let's say you like baseketball. When you pressed the special button the DVR would do a keyword/tag search of the listings and would cycle through the channels showing a baseketball game. I imagine this could be incorporated into something like MythTV fairly easily.
AnotherBrian, Apr 25 2007


       //incorporated into something like MythTV fairly easily//   

       I reckon so too.   

       It's all about the Meta data, baby!
Jinbish, Apr 25 2007

       Dish Network supposedly does that with its "Theme" function. But I have never played with it. Seems they don't have a "Theme" for "Stuff I like" (They do have sports)
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 25 2007

       they already have that on DirecTV. ABB (already been baked).
neo_, Sep 13 2009


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