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The Anchor Button

Anchors a television station for quick viewing
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The Anchor Button rests on your remote control somewhere near the "return" or "last channel" button, but functions a little differently. First you go to the channel you want to anchor and hold down the Anchor Button for a few seconds. This will activate the anchor for the selected channel. Then simply wander the dial at your heart's content, tapping the Anchor Button again to return to the anchored station.

Great for when you want to cruise around the dial a few minutes before your favorite show comes on.

TheJonasman, Nov 27 2006


       Bun, because there probably are people so desperate to satisfy their TV cravings and so indoctrinated into the cult of instant gratification that they don't want to take the time to press at most two buttons to change the channel when they could press just one, and who would want one of these controls. Fishbone for the same reason. [+/-]
imaginality, Nov 27 2006

       So this is kinda like having preset buttons on your remote. I like that just like I like my preset buttons on the radio in my car.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 27 2006

       I *still* have only 5 channels on my tv. its enough for me.
po, Nov 27 2006

       You have 5!? We've only got 4 in our house, and that's more than enough - must dash, "How do You solve a Problem like...Strictly Come Changing; I'm a Fat Grimy Celebrity's Brother Hunting for A Bargain Room to Flog, Swap" is on in a minute.
zen_tom, Nov 27 2006

       waiting for Jeremy Kyle. must get my fix during my day off.
po, Nov 27 2006

       Is he the chap that tells young people off, live on air?
zen_tom, Nov 27 2006

       I've deleted the link and anno about one4all remotes. They could not do what the Anchor Button can. Bun to you.
jtp, Nov 27 2006

       DirecTV already has a feature called "autotune" so that if you want, you can just set it so it will automatically go to the channel when your favorite show comes on.
neo_, Sep 13 2009


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