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The Television Duel

Where shows go at it mercilessly!
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Hey,it's Homer. I haven't posted in a while. Hope you'll like this one.

Gather a bunch of friends over, 5 at the most. Pick 2 TV shows or movies you will score. Here are the scoring rules

- If it's a comedy, one point for the show when you all laugh.

- If it's a horror, one point when you all scream or yell in fear.

- If it's a drama, romance or tragedy, one point if you weep or cry.

At the end of the shows, tally up the points and reveal your winner. Here's what a review might be.

"A record 4 fans were in front a of a 32" Hitachi for the first regular season game of the Teletoon Television Duel League (TTVL). 'Undergrads' and 'Clone High' were the opponents. The game started slow, with only 3 scores by Undergrads, incliding one by Rocko Gimbiani after appearing naked. But thanks to Mahatma Gandhi and John F. Kennedy, Clone High got a one point lead at the end of the first. Clone High suffered in the second, tallying only one point. Joan of Arc was the lone score, slapping Abe Lincoln across the face. That gave Undergrads laugh machine Cal Evans a big chance to shine. He scored 4 unanswerd points. Nitz Walsh and Gimply Taylan both scored in the monster second. At the end of two, the score was 9-5 Undergrads. Mahatma Gandhi scored a natural hat trick in the third, with Cleopatra and Joan of Arc scoring, pulling ahead 10-9. Put Gimbiani came out of nowhere and was refused sex twice for 2 points. Evans scored twice and Walsh scored once. That was the final nail in Clone High's coffin, defeated by Undergrads 15-10."

HomerX, Dec 10 2002




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