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a step beyond facebook
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I was listening to the radio today and switching channels obesessively and thinking how the reason I would switch each time was because someone's tone of voice would be annoying, and thinking that the reason that everyone's tone of voice is so bad on the radio is because they all know they are on the radio, and you can hear that they know, and how every thing is forced. If they didn't know they were on the radio their tone of voice would be fine. So if the radio was filled with a bunch of people who didn't know they were on the radio then their tones of voices would be fine and I would be happy and not desperately spinning the radio dial like a gambling junkie in search of a not-annoying tone of voice.

So that would be sort of like youtube, or like one way youtube can be used, as a modeling tool. The kids these days are learning things that we cant measure much less imagine, through video modeling - by watching real social situations and being able to watch them again and again and study them and learn from them. And you know most kids and most people watch crap and yes the power to choose what you watch is what gets most people in trouble but eventually it will all shake out and there will be a pandora-like system that slowly introduces you to new learning situations that you need based on input. So where does that input come from.

So what if there was a pandora-like station that introduced you to psychologicaly educational examples taken from some vast database like youtube of real life social situations, according to a profile of you, that was created either through question and answer, or maybe constantly updated according to your experience. So facebook or evernote gathers data on your psychological needs and then feeds you psychologically educational real life situations in a pandora-like feed. And what if you could opt into this in a barter for the freedom to use it.

So the path you draw through the internet is yours alone, it is your contribution, the story you tell and it is creative and can be mined and extrapolated from and so it is protectable and you should be able to benefit from your creativity, so your internet history is sort of like money, so what if there was a radio where you could opt in to putting your real life on the psychological-youtube, so let other people mine your life for data, as long as they supported you. Or, to prevent everyone on this radio from having a shitty tone of voice if you could sort of gamble on it, like if you could enter a lottery of trading this much percentage of a chance of certain situations in your life being made public in return for goods and services. So it would be like money.

So I guess there is your creativity, which you define by making choices as you go through life, and there is how valuable this is to other people and there is how you make sure you can measure the return you get on your creativity, and this all could be a market place and with this big push toward LA and the movie, video and tv industry about to fall apart and be replaced by a start-up culture.

So Pandora-Youtube-Marketplace- Psychologist-Learning- Tool. Or it would be facebook with video and pandora and getting paid and being creative all in one. so a step beyond face-book, sex-tv.

JesusHChrist, May 14 2012


       // If they didn't know they were on the radio their tone of voice would be fine. //   

       Actually, if people on the radio didn't know they were on the radio, what you'd hear would be mostly 's', 'p', and 't' sounds, and a lot of what the a/v media industry calls 'mouth noise'. I was a college radio dj, and later the station's production director; after being trained myself, I spent a fair amount of time teaching people how to speak into a microphone. If you sit in a booth and listen to somebody do it properly, it sounds like they have a speech defect.   

       I don't really understand the name of this idea. What does a personalized video-blog channel/social media experiment have to do with sex?
Alterother, May 14 2012

       It's because the word masturbation is still banned in the state where the user lives, I think.
UnaBubba, May 14 2012

       somebody went and read [beanie]'s account page.   

       Radio sounds in-your-face because the sound is heavily compressed or expanded to fill a certain volume width.   

       I don't get the idea either.
FlyingToaster, May 14 2012

       Sound compression is also used for the soundtrack on TV ads, apparently to get the message (irritate the fuck out of listeners) through to everyone, even if they're not listening.
UnaBubba, May 14 2012


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