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Gaming Chair

Gaming chair with detachable arm rests with custom controls.
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This gaming chair allows the user to customize controls for specific games. Playing a tank game - left and right joysticks. Change the game and you can change the controls. Change one arm to a trackball, or a flight stick or a touch pad, depending on the need. Controllers could even cross both, like a locked in steering wheel, or full flight controls, or even a giant robot controller like Steel Batallion for X-Box. Extends the immersive feeling video games can give you.

The wiring is all internal to the chair, and the entire unit connects back to the PC through a wireless connection (wireless USB). The chair has a large rechargable battery which allows long use between recharges.

If you want to get crazy - a special floor mat with power connection allows the chair to recharge simply through the contact of the chair with the mat.

trekbody, May 22 2006


       I like the idea of making chairs for an activity instead of only placing your ass on a comfortable position while eating your own weight in food (like people in the world's fattest countries do s if it was the national sport).
Pericles, May 22 2006

       Perhaps you could add an over-the-shoulder beverage delivery device. A cooling element could keep the stored beverage cold. A flexible tube sits over your shoulder and allows you to sip a lovely beverage. I guess you could have a toilet version as well.
trekbody, May 22 2006


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