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Garter belt with suit legs

To keep up appearances.
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People are suspicious of men in trenchcoats with bare legs. Or this is our suspicion here at BUNGCO. And often, rightly so. Is there some way to sidestep these prejudices?

Introducing the Garter Belt with Suit Legs! (marketing refused to help come up with a new name). This natty belt sports real legs from a real Italian suit. Now luxuriate in the comfort of an unfinished basement while projecting an air of business like responsibility!

bungston, Sep 11 2013

Like this? http://en.wikipedia...Hose_%28clothing%29
[pocmloc, Sep 12 2013]

In the neighborhood... Garter_20condoms
[normzone, Sep 18 2013]


       I found BUNGCO assless chaps comfortable and unrestrictive of flatulence. Will Garter belt with suit legs similarly conform to my daily needs of asslessness?
rcarty, Sep 11 2013

       hah! love it [+]
xandram, Sep 12 2013

       We predict substantial sales of this product to M'Lord Buchanan's relatives, and indeed their domestic and domesticated animals.   

       We can't say we approve, but it's certainly a nice little earner you've got here.
8th of 7, Sep 13 2013

       We (and I use the term quite incorrectly - I refer to the broader Buchanan family tree) developed an alternative solution some time ago, by inventing the kilt.   

       Of course, we (see note, above) encountered a certain amount of ridicule (most of it very short- lived), until we (etc) hit on the idea of inventing Scottishness.   

       When you create a culture (and again, I use the term quite wrongly) whose principal attributes include the incessant production of shortbread, the playing of bagpipes, and an accent devised especially to favour the hard-of-standing, the simple matter of men wearing short skirts tends to go unremarked.   

       Of course, the whole thing has since gotten rather out of hand, and led to the invention of golf, which is most regrettable.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 13 2013

       I take my hat off to you, Mr [MaxwellBuchanan]. That was a brilliant piece of writing which made me laugh my socks off (I'm actually barefoot at the moment, but that's irrelevant to my point).   

       As for the [bungston]'s concept, it does seem very interesting. I wouldn't use that myself, I'd rather be caught in the above mentioned kilt in the middle of a tornado, but I'm left wondering if it would have the same effect on women as a girlfriend with a short dress and no panties on a busy party...
PauloSargaco, Sep 13 2013

       And I doff mine to you. And will overlook the "Mr".
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 13 2013


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