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Open Carry Pants

Your right! Maybe also your left!
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The Open Carry Movement is generally a form of protest in which people carry firearms on their person, in plain sight (see link). Usually these people are protesting something. Any legal firearm can be so carried, and the Constitution explicity permits this. It is not always clear how the presence of a firearm buttresses the cause for which these folks are demonstrating, but it certainly contributes to an air of menace.

BUNGCO wants to support the Open Carry Movement. Introducing the Open Carry Pants! These are designed to display other things you might have the God-given right to carry in your pants, covered in accord with the law but in as explicit and menacing a way as we could make it. We took our cues from Batman's armored chest. Initially we made our form fitting Open Carry Pants in a number of styles, however on noting that only certain ostentatious styles ever sold, we have limited our production to just these.

Open Carry Pants comes with a transparent holster belt so your fellow protesters can appreciate the details of your pearl-handled matching Colt 44s.

Illustrations welcome.

bungston, Sep 07 2009

Open Carry Movement http://en.wikipedia..._early_21st_century
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Concealed firearm http://www.cartoons...lowres/nki0211l.jpg
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Baked - or at least body heat http://www.fmft.net...%20Open%20Carry.JPG
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You've got some competition in the t-shirt market http://www.peoplesp...9/04/open-carry.jpg
[normzone, Sep 09 2009]

Open carry lolzat http://monochromeme...en-carry-lolcat.jpg
[normzone, Sep 09 2009]

And the Israeli approach... http://www.fmft.net...%20M4%20Carbine.JPG
[normzone, Sep 09 2009]

Dry t-shirt contest http://rlv.zcache.c...5065349t5tr_400.jpg
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"Behold the pants of..." http://www.the-isb....s/SpiderPants02.jpg
[normzone, Sep 10 2009]


       Does this mean I can now carry my gerbil with me to town hall meetings? Ohhh yeahhhh...
blissmiss, Sep 07 2009

       Guns are bad nkay?
zeno, Sep 07 2009

       This should allow for the speedier collation of statistics pertaining to the sides to which men dress. That said, the stats may be skewed. Perhaps it will herald a return to the penile positivism of yore, with free-thinkin' gubmint hatin' types typically left leaning, for example, with a smattering of uppies representing a Perovian third way.
calum, Sep 08 2009

       why do you need to carry firearms around anyway unless you are a police officer? although I like the idea of carrying other stuff as well like gerbils.
penguin_tummy, Sep 09 2009

       Because it is easier than carrying a police officer around.
Laughs Last, Sep 09 2009

       Pearl handles are for dress occasions. Polymer or wood serve for for everyday use.   

       "contributes to an air of menace". Really? I guess that depends on your comfort level and sensitivity threshold. Myself, I'm entertained by the sight. I wonder if that has something to do with my dressing on the left?
normzone, Sep 09 2009

       "They're ivory. Only a pimp from a cheap New Orleans whorehouse would carry a pearl-handled pistol."   

       Gen. George Patton
masterchief, Sep 10 2009

...or mother-of-pearl?
phoenix, Sep 10 2009


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