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scissor pants

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each leg is one half of a scissor. Stitched to the seams between the legs is one half of a flat blade. If you walk just right you can use your legs as a giant pair of scissors. I can envision industrial version work wear as well as high fashion versions. Also the scissor action sound would be greatly amplified because of the blade size.

vfrackis, Dec 27 2012


       Keep your hands away from your grollies!
pocmloc, Dec 27 2012

rcarty, Dec 27 2012

       I did a search for this before I posted it the nearest I found was running scissors you couldn't really run these Besides you should never run in your scissor pants
vfrackis, Dec 27 2012

       What happens at the top of the blades? Seems dangerous...
Kansan101, Dec 27 2012

       Edward Scissorpants. Hahahaha!!! I made myself laugh.
blissmiss, Dec 27 2012

       You'd be a sharp-dressed man!
xandram, Dec 27 2012

       [blissy] you are too cute! So you made me laugh, too!
xandram, Dec 27 2012

       It got a chuckle from me, but The Good Fairy Jenny thought it was hilarious. Must investigate this phenomenon.
Alterother, Dec 27 2012

       It's all in the visual. Johnny Depp wearing scissor pants. Just made myself laugh again. Must be a female thing.
blissmiss, Dec 27 2012

       Where is your penis in all of this?
Brian the Painter, Dec 28 2012

       Note how certain types of criticism are a functional plague on the imagination.
rcarty, Dec 28 2012

       Dressmaker's scissors for the macho types; pinking shears for the trendy and multiple blade security shredders for the foolhardy. A great Halfbaked idea [+]
xenzag, Dec 28 2012

       A Throatless shear design with blade from midcalf to knee and stainless steel gloves for users hands and arms might cut down on injuries, but product liability insurance would still be prohibitively expensive.   

       No running, walking, dancing, sleeping, or just sitting with scissors(Pants).   

       Ice skating in scissor pants would attract the stock car race fans who go to see crashes.
popbottle, Jan 02 2017

       Advertising strapline "A Cut Above The Rest" …
8th of 7, Jan 02 2017


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