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Gift Return Store

Don't give "Super Cheap-O Mart" gift receipts with your holiday/birthday presents.
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This is a business with a gift receipt database, which assigns item codes to a group of stores when the holiday season comes near. The gift receipt you get when you buy a gift--and give with the gift--doesn't say the name of the store you bought it from, just the name and address of the gift receipt company. Dissatisfied gift recipients take the gift and the receipt to that company, which returns the gift to the correct store, sparing gift-givers the embarrassment of the gift receipts showing all their friends that they shopped at a discount store.
disbomber, Jan 07 2006


       This might not go over too well from the perspective of the stores. Even though most people who return merchandise get their money back, many take the opportunity to buy something else. And for as long as you are considering buying something else, they can get some of that refunded money back.   

       I figure that if the gift was truely thoughtful the recipient wouldnt want to return it to the store. Secondly, if you give a gift from a discount store, you are either a cheapskate or on a budget. If you are a cheapskate, buy better gifts. If you are on a budget, your friend/loved one/significant other should not take offense. In fact if someone is directed to this type of facility to return the unwanted gift, they are very likely to believe that you bought the merchandise from a discount store. Otherwise you wouldnt be trying to hide the evidence.
Jscotty, Jan 07 2006

       Maybe the gift could be turned in for a gift card that's good at the whole collection of stores which use this service. Which could include less "offensively discounted" stores as well as Super Cheap-O Mart, solving the last problem you mentioned as well.
disbomber, Jan 07 2006


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