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Happy Scrubbers Escort Turkish Car Wash Service

Combining Escort Service, Turkish Bath, and Car Wash Into an Erotic Getaway
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This idea requires a stable of beautiful women (and studly guys for the ladies) and a specially built car wash utilizing custom built convertibles.

Upon entering the Happy Scrubbers Escort Turkish Car Wash, the customer is presented with a number of choices ranging from the wide variety of escorts, the mitts the escorts will use (I recommend the silk, but the more adventuresome may want to try the cat-o-nine-tails mitt), the convertible options, soaps and lotions sprayed in the car wash, music, etc. Swim suit optional.

After making ones choices, the customer settles into the convertible with the escort of their choice for a ten minute ride being attended to and scrubbed down by the escort in all the areas of the body (and for the aforementioned adventuresome types, a body cavity or two).

After ten minutes of intense interaction, the convertible emerges from the car wash where the customer is vigorously toweled off, returns to street clothes, and leaves the Happy Scrubbers Escort Turkish Car Wash much cleaner and thoroughly spent.

Grogster, May 05 2011


       I just am speechless at the moment. Totally speechless.
blissmiss, May 05 2011

       // This idea requires a stable of beautiful women (and studly guys for the ladies) //   

       "This idea requires a stable of beautiful women (and studly guys for the androphiles)"   

idris83, May 05 2011

       This idea came up while talking to a friend who has a very hard time getting around due to MS. I really don't exactly recall the twists and turns it was subjected to in my GROG mind, but you see the result. So, [bliss], can I sign you up for our Frequent Scrubbers Plan?
Grogster, May 05 2011

       Funny, I was thinking of washing machines inside cars, with scuba gear, today. The things a commute will do to your mind.
normzone, May 05 2011

       "can I sign you up for our Frequent Scrubbers Plan?"   

       Whatever a 'Frequent Scrubbers Plan' is, I suspect no-one will sign up while it has that name.
Twizz, May 05 2011

       This is halfbaked enough for a scrubby bun! [+]
xandram, May 05 2011

       I remember a car was we organized at our high school for a fundraiser where practically nobody showed up. Finally, a pastor pulled in, got his car washed, and told us to check out what was happening two streets down.   

       There was a huge line of cars waiting to be washed at the "Venus Auto Bath' where 4-5 bikini- clad car wash attendants were busy 'bathing' the cars.   

       One of the most hilarious moments of clarity I've ever experienced...
cowtamer, May 05 2011

       So no dervishes applying the wax coat then?
tatterdemalion, May 05 2011

       Sorry, [tatterd], I checked the Unemployment Office to see if any Dervishes might be slouching about, and they said they've never seen any! That would be a difficult poasition to fill if I start offering franchise opportunities in select cities...
Grogster, May 05 2011

       I think perhaps you have missed the primary mission here, [bigs]... the object is to scrub down the people, not the cars! The convertibles in fact belong to the car wash and are specially designed for their purpose, which is to ferry both you and the escort of your choice through ten minutes of soapy bliss. The customers park their cars in the parking lot and walk into our establishment like any other brick and mortar (and personal lubricant) business. The only thing you have to worry about is how you look in a Speedo. Please take this complimentary dinner mint as a token of our sincerity, and come back later with a pocket full of $20 bills.
Grogster, May 06 2011

       //It's no more than a frothel//   

       [bigs], I laughed my ass off reading that one! It's perfect!!! <quietly passing [bigsleep] another dinner mint to grease the skids> Would you mind if I use it in my advertizing brochure?
Grogster, May 06 2011


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