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Glass pants

Try to sit down in these!
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Forget the dunce cap... when students misbehave in class make them wear glass pants! The embarassment of their see-through-ness coupled with their uncomfortable-ness will be a sure fire way to deterr children from acting up. OR can be used at parties during fun competetions or drinking games. Example: loser of pin the tail on the donkey has to dance around in the glass pants. Or winner of Twister gets to play the next round in the glass pants to up the ante. Or whole games centered around who can function in the glass pants the longest. (clothing under pants optional) BONUS: if you spill on them you get Stained-glass pants!!
fatmess, Oct 06 2001

bendable glass http://www.datalite...ex-safety-glass.jpg
[Voice, Sep 22 2012]


       Somebody's been listening to too much Skunks.
innerlemming, Oct 07 2001

       ? In my day, one of the common student misbehaviors was to wear excessively revealing clothing. This would only encourage them. Worse, it would encourage them to forego underwear.
hello_c, Oct 07 2001

       I would think it would encourage them to wear underwear, in order to protect their tender bits in case of broken pants.
wiml, Oct 07 2001

       In addition to the whole issue of effective and ethical punishments....   

       GLASS? I mean, they do make see-through plastic...   

       But I suppose it's a moot point, anyway.
rebekkahshiri, Oct 07 2001

       Just put them in an Iron Maiden.
AfroAssault, Oct 10 2001

       Glass might be a bit risky; Pyrex would be perhaps more sensible, with the classic red measuring scale appropriately positioned for male misbehaviourisers. Also, to make them capable of supporting ambulation, they could have wicker joints.
calum, Sep 10 2012

       Peek A Boo.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 11 2012

       I wonder if they would steam up.
rcarty, Sep 13 2012

       Dunno 'bout that. I suspect anyone catching a glimpse would.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 15 2012

       Does it have a serrated edge to cut off pole?
nomocrow, Sep 18 2012

       Equipment size magnification could be an appealing feature   

       Also people who wear glass pants should not live near the equator   

       I like the idea of glass pants   

       China shop sales personnel should be required to wear glass pants this way it would be in their interest to prevent bulls from entering or running loose in the shop
vfrackis, Sep 18 2012

       // If the glass had multiple facets on the outside.....// Good observation.
Lessor Spotted Kiwi, Sep 22 2012


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